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Ms. Kathy Ligon

Mrs. Kathy Ligon oversees our Just Shorties ministry.  She has raised her own children and enjoys spending quality time with her grandchildren. Ms. Kathy has been working with young people in a professional setting since 2008. She loves children and is passionate about making lessons come alive so that they can learn about the Lord.  

There is nothing more precious than our children.  We strive to invest in our children as they grow and learn.

During our current time, there is a need to provide our children with structured lessons to enable them to continue to learn from home.  Our licensed and seasoned educators have  compile resources of learning materials that can be utilized at home to help beat the boredom.    

All-Inclusive Units

The Moon_medium.jpg

Unit: The Moon

Learning  Resources from Scholastic 

scholastic Learn At Home header.jpg

Four weeks of day-by-day activities, broken down by age groups

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